10 Easy Hiking Snacks

Anyone else ever get hangry or is it just me? I never hit the trail without hiking snacks even if I don’t plan on a long hike. Why you might ask? Because it’s always better to be over prepared.  Keep reading for my top 10 easy hiking snack ideas!

I always recommend to pack more hiking snacks than you think you will need. If you are feeling good you might decide to take a longer route or a wrong turn could lead to extra miles you weren’t anticipating.

What type of food should I pack as hiking snacks? 

Hiking snacks should be able to withstand the temperature, be easy to pack and consume. When it comes to what types of food you can think about the three main macronutrients food provides, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Depending on the duration of the hike you will likely need a variety of these macronutrients in the snacks you pack.  

I always keep my pantry stocked with easy to reach for hiking snacks. This allows me to quickly throw a few things in my backpack before I head out for a hike. I tend to pack the same snacks time after time because I know they are easy to bring and will sustain me during a longer hike.  

Various hiking snacks laid out that discussed in this post.

Ten Easy Hiking Snacks 

Hiking snacks can be simple and satisfying! You want to consider your own personal preferences and the types of food you like to eat. Below is my list of my top 10 easy hiking snacks!

1. Beef jerky sticks 

One of the easiest high protein snacks is meat sticks. I personally love CHOMPS free range turkey and grass fed & finished beef sticks. These sticks include high quality ingredients and are the perfect salty snack that sticks with me while hiking. 

Chomps beef and turkey sticks.

2. Protein or Granola Bars 

The protein and granola bar options are endless and these are arguably one of the easiest hiking snacks to throw in your bag. If heat is a concern, I will forgo any chocolate-based bars to avoid a mess. 
Some of my favorite bars: 

Each bar can vary drastically on the amount of protein, fat, and carbs they contain. I suggest trying a variety of bars to find the ones you enjoy and provide the nutrients you need.  

Healthy on the go, Rx bars, and Larabars.

3. Mixed nuts and seeds 

I love mixed nuts and I will usually buy them raw, roasted, or lightly salted to try and minimize added ingredients. Nuts are a great source of healthy fat + protein. Lately I’ve been enjoying the Back to Nature Plant Based Snacks cashew, almond, and pistachio mix.  
Some of my favorite brands: 

  • Back to Nature
  • Blue Diamond
  • Emerald

Another tip for buying nuts is going to bulk bins to make your own variety. The combinations are endless with mixed nuts and seeds! 

4. Fruit  

Apples, oranges, and grapes are convenient fruits to pack as hiking snacks. They are easy to prepare and you don’t have to worry about them getting squished in your pack. To keep grapes cold you can freeze them ahead of time so they stay cool and refreshing throughout the day.

If you pack apples or oranges, I recommend bringing an extra baggie to put the core or peel in when you are finished! Fruit is a great source of carbohydrates and by eating the whole fruit you get extra fiber which may help you stay full longer.  

Honeycrisp apples.

5. Dried Fruit 

Speaking of fruit, I love dried fruit because you don’t have to worry about refrigeration. I always look for brands that don’t include added sugar which is why I almost always have Trader Joe’s Dried Mangos in my pantry.

6. Applesauce pouches  

Another way to pack fruit as a hiking snack is apple sauce pouches. These are ready to go and have a lid you can screw back on when you are done. My favorite brand recently is North Coast Organic pouches. There is no added sugar and they are very easy to eat even while on the go.   

Apple sauce pouches.

7. Nut butters  

Nut butters are a great source of fat. Many brands such as Rx Nut Butter or Justin’s have individual serving sizes of nut butters making them perfect to bring as hiking snacks. You can pair a nut butter with an apple for a more sustainable snack.

8. Trail mix  

The opportunities with trail mix are endless. Not only does the grocery store have several different varieties to choose from, but you can also make your own. Depending on the combination, trail mix often provides a mixture of carbohydrates and fats. 

Traditional mix ins 

  • Mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, walnuts) 
  • Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower) 
  • Raisins or dried cranberry  

Try some less traditional mix ins

  • Plantain chips 
  • Goldfish 
  • Pretzels 
  • Cereals (Cheerios, Chex, etc.) 
  • Cheez-Itz 
  • Sesame seed sticks  

If I am packing trail mix for a hot Florida day, I leave the chocolate at home so it doesn’t melt!  

9. Pretzels 

If I am craving something salty and I want a quick source of carbohydrates I often reach for pretzels. Even better than regular pretzels are peanut butter filled pretzels.   

Trader Joe's Peanut Butter pretzels.

10. Protein Energy Bites 

I love to make energy bites using a variety of ingredients including quick oats, nut butter, chia seeds, flaxseed, hemp seeds, protein powder, honey or maple syrup, and the list goes on. These bites provide a great combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.  

Monster energy bites.

I have made so many different combinations I often don’t follow an exact recipe anymore. I usually mix and match as I go, but here are a couple recipes to get you started if you’ve never made them before.  

I usually refrigerate them at home, but if I am going on a hike where it will be shaded, I will throw a couple in my pack.   

Hopefully this list provides you with a new idea on how to stay fueled on your next hike! 

Looking for where to hike in Florida? 

Check out some of my Florida State Park recaps to inspire your next adventure. Just don’t forget to pack the hiking snacks!  

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