A Complete List of the 30 Florida Lighthouses

Visiting Florida lighthouses is a fun activity for anyone who is looking for something a little different to do! Some lighthouses are accessible only by boat or ferry while others are accessible by land. Many are open to the public year-round to climb while others may only be open on select dates. This will be the first of 6 posts on lighthouses. I will start with an overview of the entire state and then highlight the lighthouses in each area of Florida, including the gulf or west coast, east coast, the panhandle, and the keys.   

Cape Florida Lighthouse

How many Lighthouses are in Florida? 

There are 30 lighthouses in the state of Florida. See below for the name and tower height.  

  1. Alligator Reef – 135 feet 
  2. Amelia Island – 64 feet 
  3. American Shoal – 124 feet 
  4. Anclote Key – 110 feet 
  5. Cape Canaveral – 151 feet 
  6. Cape Florida – 95 feet  
  7. Cape San Blas – 65 feet 
  8. Cape St. George – 72 feet 
  9. Carysfort Reef – 120 feet 
  10. Cedar Keys – 33 feet 
  11. Crooked River – 103 feet  
  12. Egmont Key – 76 feet 
  13. Fowey Rocks – 125 feet 
  14. Garden Key – 25 feet 
  15. Gasparilla Island – 105 feet 
  16. Hillsboro Inlet – 144 feet
  17. Jupiter Inlet  – 108 feet
  18. Key West – 86 feet
  19. Loggerhead Key –157 feet 
  20. Pensacola – 151 feet
  21. Ponce de Leon Inlet – 175 feet
  22. Port Boca Grande – 44 feet
  23. Sand Key – 121 feet
  24. Sanibel Island – 112 feet
  25. Sombrero Key – 149 feet
  26. St. Augustine – 165 feet
  27. St. Johns – 64 feet
  28. St. Johns River – 72 feet
  29. St. Marks – 88 feet
  30. Tennessee Reef – 49 feet
The view from below Gasparilla Island Lighthouse

Which of the lighthouses are open to the public to climb year-round? 

There are 8 lighthouses that are open year-round to the public for climbing. These include Cape San Blas, Cape St. George, Crooked River, Jupiter Inlet, Key West, Pensacola, Ponce de Leon Inlet, and St. Augustine. 

If you have children, before you head to the lighthouse to climb to the top you may want to double check any height requirements. Many of the lighthouses note that climbers must be at least 40-44 inches tall. Each lighthouse may have a different requirement. Appropriate footwear such as closed toed shoes is also often required.

Me smiling with my hair blowing in the wind at the top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse

Which of the lighthouses are open on select dates to climb? 

Additionally, 7 lighthouses are open on select dates or times to the public to climb. Anclote Key, Cape Canaveral, Cape Florida, Cedar Keys, Gasparilla Island, Hillsboro Inlet, and Port Boca Grande are open on a limited schedule.  

Currently, Port Boca Grande Lighthouse and Museum is closed since Fall 2022 due to damage from Hurricane Ian. I recommend checking on individual lighthouse websites for the most up to date information. 

Me standing next to the ocean in front of the Cape Florida lighthouse

Which lighthouses are only accessible by boat or ferry? 

Visiting all the lighthouses can provide a challenge if you do not have access to a boat (like me). Many of the lighthouses are only accessible by private boat and/or ferry.  

There are 12 lighthouses that cannot be accessed from land. These include Alligator Reef, American Shoal, Anclote Key, Carysfort Reef, Cedar Keys, Egmont Key, Fowey Rocks, Garden Key, Loggerhead Key, Sand Key, Sombrero Key, and Tennessee Reef Light.  

What are the three tallest Florida lighthouses? 

Florida is home to two of the ten tallest lighthouses in the United States. Ponce de Leon Inlet is the tallest lighthouse in Florida at 175 feet and is the third tallest in the United States. There are 203 steps to climb to the top. 

Ponce Inlet Lighthoues with flags flying in front of it

St. Augustine Lighthouse is not far behind at 165 feet and is the seventh tallest lighthouse in the United States. There are 219 steps to climb to the top. 

Loggerhead Key is the third tallest in Florida at 157 feet. 

What are the shortest Florida lighthouses? 

While still worth seeing, there are 4 Florida lighthouses that are below 50 feet. Garden Key is the shortest at 25 feet, followed by Cedar Keys, Port Boca Grande, and Tennessee Reef at 33, 44, and 49 feet, respectively.   

Port Boca Grande Lighthouse

Location of Florida Lighthouses  

The lighthouses in Florida can be broken into 4 different sections the panhandle, the gulf or west coast, the keys, and the east coast. See below a list of the lighthouses in each region. I will be including a more detailed blog post on each of these areas over the next few weeks!  

Florida Panhandle Lighthouses 

  1. Pensacola 
  2. Cape San Blas 
  3. Cape St. George 
  4. Crooked River 
  5. St. Marks 

Learn more about the Florida Panhandle Lighthouses in this blog post.

Florida Gulf Coast Lighthouses 

  1. Cedar Keys 
  2. Anclote Key 
  3. Egmont Key 
  4. Gasparilla Island 
  5. Port Boca Grande 
  6. Sanibel Island  

Learn more about the Gulf Coast Florida Lighthouses in this blog post.

View of the Egmont Key lighthouse and surrounding trees and plants from the beach

Florida East Coast Lighthouses 

  1. Amelia Island 
  2. St. Johns  
  3. St. Johns River
  4. St. Augustine  
  5. Ponce de Leon Inlet  
  6. Cape Canaveral 
  7. Jupiter Inlet 
  8. Hillsboro Inlet 
  9. Cape Florida 
  10. Fowey Rocks 

Learn more about the East Coast Florida Lighthouses in this blog post.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Florida Keys Lighthouses 

  1. Carysfort Reef 
  2. Alligator Reef 
  3. Tennessee Reef
  4. Sombrero Key 
  5. American Shoal 
  6. Key West 
  7. Sand Key 
  8. Garden Key 
  9. Loggerhead Key 

Learn more about the Florida Keys Lighthouses in this blog post.

Florida Faux Lighthouses  

Initially when I first started researching Florida lighthouses, I was confused that the list of the 30 lighthouses did not include other lighthouses I knew existed such as Boca Chita. Then I learned about Faux lighthouses which is a term that refers to any non-historic lighthouse. Faux lighthouses may include a structure that is built to resemble a lighthouse, or a lighthouse built with private funding. These faux lighthouses are not eligible for Florida Lighthouse Association support but may still be of interest if you love visiting lighthouses!   

There are 15 faux lighthouses in the state of Florida which are listed below. The only faux lighthouse I’ve been to is Boca Chita Lighthouse when I visited Biscayne National Park.

  1. Boca Chita Lighthouse 
  2. Everglades Isle Resort 
  3. Faro Blanco Resort
  4. Green’s Light
  5. Harbor Cove
  6. Harbor Walk Village
  7. Katie’s Light
  8. Lighthouse Landing Restaurant
  9. Lighthouse Point
  10. Mount Dora Lighthouse
  11. New Canal Lighthouse
  12. St. Johns Pass Village
  13. St. Joseph Point Lighthouse
  14. Tierra Verde Lighthouse
  15. Whale Harbor Inn and Marina
Boca Chita Key Lighthouse

What is the Lighthouse Society’s Passport Program? 

If you enjoy visiting lighthouses, you can buy a Lighthouse Passport to start collecting stamps at various participating locations all over the United States. The passport books can hold up to 60 stamps and a portion of the sales goes to lighthouse preservation.  


Regardless of where you are located in Florida, if you head to the coast, you will be on your way towards visiting one of Florida’s 30 lighthouses! This is another unique activity that you can add to your Florida bucket list! Have you visited any of these lighthouses? Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite!  

View of the Sanibel lighthouse

The information above was accurate at the time of publishing to the best of the author’s knowledge. Information will be verified and updated periodically. If you are planning to visit any of the lighthouses, I recommend verifying the most current information with the Florida Lighthouse association or Friends of Florida Lighthouses websites.   

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